Last Saturday was a very ‘rich’ day.


I was part of a Syro-Malabar 1st communion in the Cathedral.

Those present were mostly people from Kerala in India. They are mostly newish migrants and most with young children.


I celebrated Mass online for those who could not get to mass on Sunday.


Then I was Celebrant for a Congolese wedding. They danced and sang and celebrated. Many of those present were former refugees, some of whom had been in Refugee camps for years.


During the wedding ceremony, we Baptised their two children.


I then went to be part of a covenant ceremony between St Marin’s Aboriginal community and the Holy Spirit parish community.


The Church was full of people from around the world.


I spoke about the rainbow, how all colours work together to bring about an object of beauty!


After this, I went to be with the Year 12 students who were graduating from O’Loughlin College. We spoke of new hopes and new beginnings.


I finished the night by returning to celebrate with the newly married couple at their wedding reception.


What a day!


I was so thankful to God for the multicultural Church that we are.


So many ways to express and live our common Faith.


I went to sleep tired but enriched by the experience.






Image credit: Robert Katzki via Unsplash