Really and truly Loved

There are times when we all doubt our intrinsic goodness.


There are times when we think:

‘If only THEY really knew all about me… what would they think!‘


We sometimes also wonder what God really thinks of us. Do I need to hide from God as Adam and Eve did in the story of Genesis after they had sinned?


God is constantly saying ‘I love you, really love you. I accept you as you are you do not need to hide, to distance yourself from me!’


We could respond to God:
‘If you really knew about my faults and weaknesses I don’t think that you would really accept me!’


God would reply ‘I created you! Don’t you think that I really know all about you more than you even know yourself !’


‘Then do you really love me that much and accept me that much!’


‘Of course, I do and always will, more than you can dream and imagine’


We keep questing our lovability and this self-questing can really become a stumbling block of our making…


Jesus accepted people for who they were. He empowered, renewed, refreshed and loved unconditionally those who had been judged and rejected by others or by themselves


This same Jesus keeps looking at us and speaking with us heart-to-heart with reassuring love.


He is constantly saying that he loves us unconditionally regardless of our sins and weaknesses.


That is why it is so important that we keep our gaze fixed on Him and our hearts open to His heart.


Prayer helps us to focus on being open to listening to his accepting and reassuring love.


That is why we need to pray always because we self question ourselves so much!


He truly sets us free…