Reconciliation… a work in progress…

Reconciliation is an ongoing work in progress wherever there is interaction between human beings.


The difference can be both strengthening as well as enriching.


I used to breed and keep Poultry when I had more time.


If I put a new bird to an existing group of birds in a pen there was often fighting and sorting of the pecking order. This was especially true if the new occupant looked different in colour.


We carry certain instinctive fears in our subconscious from our old tribal days…


Within our own group such as in family, neighbours etc we often consciously or unconsciously hurt each other and need healing.


There can be no love without the capacity to forgive. Retribution can be a curse of ongoing violence, sometimes carried across generations.


It was Gandi who said…

‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth ends up either a blind and toothless world…’