Reconciliation Week

We are coming to the end of Reconciliation Week.


Reconciliation is about healing. A very important part of healing is the acknowledgement of past hurts and injustices.


Here in this wonderful country, Australia, there has been much that has caused much pain in the interactions between our First Nations people and others. Great wrongs and injustices have been done…


The effect of these still has much impact on the lives that many today.


Certainly, the gospel calls us to heal.


The truth sets us free. The Gospel calls us to both restorative justice and forgiveness.


We need to learn from past mistakes. We also need to come together and listen, talk and walk together.


There are no simple answers. Simple answers are often simplistic.


Respect is essential as we talk and listen.


Catholic Social Justice is guided by the principles of the common good, ie the good of the individual as well as the society.


The grace of God can help us grow and heal when we cannot do so by ourselves.


Reconciliation and the promotion of better and equal opportunities for all cannot be left to chance but must be actively promoted and put in place if we want to be faithful to Jesus.


We cannot say that we love God if we do not love our neighbour!