Reflections from St Teresa of Avila continued

She continues her reflections saying:I had been told by those who were not so learned that God was only present by grace.However, a learned Dominican friar helped me to understand that God is truly present and communicates with us.I understood that I had a soul. However, what this soul deserved and who dwelt within, I did not understand because I had covered my eyes with the vanities of this world.Alas, we seldom consider the precious things that can be found in this soul and who dwells within, or its high value.Consequently, little effort is made to preserve its beauty. We tend not to move beyond looking after our bodies and material things. Not that our bodies or material things are bad! However, we often tend to be over  preoccupied with externals.We get distracted from remembering that we possess something within us of such great value.What a marvelous thing it is that this amazing God choses to live within us!He Loves us so much!


The shining sun (is God) that is in the centre of our soul, does not ever lose its beauty and splendour; it is always present in the soul and nothing can take away its loveliness.Just like when a black cloth is placed over a crystal that is out in the sun, the sun rays cannot have an effect over the crystal, even though the sun does not lose its brilliance, since the cloth provides a barrier. This is  what sin does.Thank God, who through Jesus, keeps calling us to wake up and drop the black cloth.God is always there, loving beyond our dreams and expectations.


Image credit: Catholic Online