This is Refugee Week. At any one time right through human history, people have had to leave home and even the country for the safety of their families and themselves.


Jesus, Mary and Joseph were refugees escaping from King Herod when he wanted to kill Jesus.


Australia has over the years embraced refugees from many countries.


The governor of South Australia was a boat refugee. So many thousands upon thousands of refugees have contributed to Australia’s prosperity.


In my own family, one of my aunties and my sister-in-law come from refugee families escaping from Communism in Russia and Hungry.


Sadly, here in Australia, the issues around asylum seekers have become too politicised.


We need good and honest conversations above politics regarding this very complex issue.


The dignity of all involved is sacrosanct.


We who are Christians are guided by the fact that every human being matters absolutely to God.


The end does not justify the means if it is immoral.


Cruel and excessive deterrents degrade our humanity.


There needs to be something better than keeping people locked up for years on end!


When Jesus talked about our accountability in the last judgment, he made it clear that caring for those in need was of the utmost importance.


Of course, open borders are not the solution.


However, our present practice has much to be desired!!