The Greater Love

As Christians, we are constantly invited into the greater love. We need to keep asking the question, ‘What is the greater love?’


It is possible to get used to evil and see it as good. For many thousands of years, many people saw slavery as ‘normal’.


People accepted the execution of people for poaching or minor crimes as just.


In Nazi leaders, many in authority numbed themselves and took part in unspeakable horrors of murder.


Saint Paul in Corinthians reminds us that unless what we do is motivated by love, it is useless.


When Christians forgot this, they resorted to the inquisition, witch hunts, and other distortions certainly not consistent with the Gospel.


Many in our society while often meaning well, are losing the respect and treating with dignity of all human life by picking and choosing who should live and who should die.


In our human frailty, we need the guidance of the Holy Spirit for true wisdom in choosing the greater good and the greater love.


This invites us into regular reflection, avoiding both rigidity and laxity.


It takes courage, commitment, and humility to remain faithful to the greater good and the greater love.


Holy Spirit help me to love as you love!