Respect Not Rigidity

How sad it is when people persecute others who are different.


It is especially sad when people do this because of different religious beliefs.


We have seen ISIS do terrible things to others in our own lifetime.


People have done terrible things to others in the name of God. Over history, Christians have also done things in the name of Christ that he would never have approved of!


How easy it is for us to kid ourselves and become victims of our own ego.


We can let our fears and insecurities blind us.


Rigid attitudes get in the way of Charity and Love.


The message of Jesus is about unconditional love, love of God, love of neighbour and love of self.


Pope Francis has been reminding us of this.


He has made outreach to other mainstream Christian churches, Pentecostal churches, Jewish people, Muslims and others.


There are those who attack him because of this. They accuse him of diminishing our faith because of this.


If we are secure in our faith, we do not have to fear that respecting and loving others will weaken our faith.


We can be very strong in our beliefs and also truly love others who are different.


Indeed God loves all his children. Christians should be able to also reflect the love of all!


Small-mindedness and small-heartedness are not Christian attitudes!


Some of these critics also attack Pope Francis for being ‘soft on sinners’, too tolerant of those who do not live fully to all the ideas of our faith.


He speaks of accompanying people, meeting them where they are and walking with them on their life journey, as Jesus would, patiently helping them to grow in their journey of conversion.


Rigidity and narrowness are not virtues.


Love, respect, and care of others are.