Respect, welcome and love

One of the many areas that we looked at in the Plenary Council was how central it is to who we are as a Church that we love and Minister to those who feel on the outer.

This includes those who have been hurt through the evil of abuse from within the Church.

We need to listen, to believe, to truly care, to love and to repent. To do all this with the utmost respect.

We cannot underestimate the harm that has been done!


Of course, we also need to ensure that we do all we can to prevent these evils from occurring again.


Then there are those who feel excluded because of marital status, sexual orientation, or whatever other reason.


What would Jesus do?  He reached out to those that the Pharisees and others considered to be in some way ‘not good enough’. Jesus condemned this hypocrisy.


What would He say to us?

Do we meet people where and who they are?

So much hurt, so much harm has been done out of rigidity, ignorance and bigotry.


So often we forget the words of Jesus telling us not to judge.


Walking with others, helping them to respond to God’s love in the best way that they can is something that Jesus would want His Church to do in the most loving way.




Image credit: Tiago Felipe Ferreira via Unsplash