Respectful decisions

I blessed a marriage between a Muslim and a Christian this week. The couple has been travelling the journey together for some years.


There had been a lot of pressure on the couple from various forces. Their love prevailed and they remained very respectful and loving of each other.


We were able to organise things such that the marriage is valid and totally lawful by the Catholic Church as well as respecting the integrity of both.


It is a same that unfortunately not all couples are treated in a respectful manner where the conscience of both is respected.


We can be very faithful to our Christian beliefs while also respecting others who hold different beliefs from us. We can agree to disagree in a loving and respectful way.


Two Elders of the Church of Later Day Saints (Mormons) came to my door. They were two young men full of zeal and commitment.


I introduced myself and told them who I was. I also made it clear that I was aware of their beliefs. I also told them that I disagreed with some of the major beliefs of their faith and that I considered these beliefs to be erroneous.


However, I also told them that I did not doubt their sincerity. I also said that I believed that God loved them very much.

We exchanged respectful farewells.


God loves all and the last thing that God wants is for us to be disrespectful and not loving each other in God’s name.


How sad God must have been to see people fighting each other in His name!


Healthy and respectful and patient dialogue gives God a chance to help us all to know his will better….