I gave myself a day off this week. I responded to some calls and did a little bit of work but most of the day was ‘free’.

I went with two of our Clergy to Lichfield National Park.

We organised a picnic lunch and went to one of the waterholes in the park.

We spent an amazing hr or so in the water. It was very clear water, the fish came and nibbled at our feet and back, the trees and birds were alive.

It was very relaxing and energising!


Then we went to look at an amazing waterfall and canyon. The scenery was breathtaking, awesome!


We spent some time praying evening prayer in the midst of nature.


As we drove home via Berry Springs, it rained very heavily with lightning and thunder, a real wet season storm!


We finished the day with a lovely meal.


I was reminded that we all need some time off at times.


The Sabbath came into being because we have this need to slow down sometimes.


We all need to have a change of pace at times. We all need recuperation, a time to relax, to pray to contemplate.


In our super-efficient times, we have at times lost sight of making time to recapture these values.


We need to recapture practise of the Sabbath! Sunday is ideal, when possible, but we need to Be creative!




Image credit: Diociese of Darwin