Sacred ground between us

This week I heard that one of my cousins who I grew up with is very seriously ill in England. We used to play together as children.

When I heard the news from his niece, herself a doctor, I remembered spending time with him back in the 1950s. This was an era away and on the other side of the world.

I rang his sister and chatted about the situation and shared some time together.


Years ago, I remember reading in one of Henri Nouwen’s books about a genuine encounter of sharing between two people.

One said to the other that the space between us is now sacred”.


Distance does not stop the connection, communication, and love.


In the creed, we speak about the communion of saints. Connection is central to who we are.


Respectful, integral, and unconditional connection is part of the love we aim for as Christians.


Connecting meaningfully with someone helps us to be able to more genuinely connect with all.


Real love is never possessive, controlling, and is really not only in physical presence but always.


So many people live in loneliness and isolation. So many miss the real connection.


We are constantly invited by the Holy Spirit to reach out and not stay trapped within.


Naturally, we all find it easier to connect with some more than with others.

However, as we overcome hesitation and fear we can continue to reach out to all.

Sometimes it is just a smile or a good morning etc…


Hopefully, as we have faced the challenges of Covid 19 maybe we have learned to appreciate more those who are part of our lives and have not been able to physically connect with them like we otherwise would have.




Image credit: Nadine Shaabana via Unsplash