Sacred loving

We desire to be connected, to be loved, to belong.


Many are blessed to have found a spouse, a very good soul friend who is loyal loving and caring. Someone for whom we are special.

Many have also been hurt in love, let down even betrayed by a lover.

Some have given up believing that they will never find that someone special.


It is natural to want to belong. Families are such a special place of connection for many as are also real friendships.


Opening ourselves to loving makes us vulnerable. The more meaningful a relationship the more possible it becomes to get hurt.


As we mature in love, as we deepen in commitment the more liberated our loving becomes.


Control, manipulation, unhealthy dependencies lead to a deeper loneliness.


The more that we realise that only God can fill the deeper desires of our hearts the more unconditional our love becomes.


When two lonely people come together in an attempt to stop being lonely a likely scenario is that there will be two lonely people together!


We can never live through another. Happiness comes from a certain detachment, deeply committed, deeply loving but also, detached at the same time.


This is not easy. In fact, I believe that during our lifetime we are forever growing into this maturity of love. It is a journey.


God understands all this. His love is bigger than any human love can be.


In the incarnation of Jesus, God among us is both human and Divine.


In Him and through Him human love becomes sacramental. Through Him, we encounter the Divine more clearly in each other. Our love becomes more sacred, an encounter with the Divine and with all things.




Image credit: Olia Nayda via Unsplash