Sacred space
Today I start the long journey back to Darwin by road. I have been visiting communities here in central Australia for two and a half weeks.It has been a very rich experience. I have met and spoken with so many people. I have reflected with school staff, CatholicCare NT staff, and so many good people.I have also met with wonderful priests and religious and lay people who serve the people of God in these parishes.The countryside is amazingly beautiful, so much wilderness.We also celebrated several confirmations, a very special time for the candidates and their families.Life is a pilgrimage. It is full of comings and goings. Partings bring their own grief. There is a restlessness in our hearts. We can fully belong and yet we look for more.Our pilgrimage ends when we enter eternal life. Then there is another beginning!As I drive 1500kms over one and a half days, I will once again experience the solitude which will give me the time to digest what has been and to anticipate what is to come, while being present to the now.In the heart of God, it is all one…We can fully belong somewhere and fully also belong somewhere else.The space between these many good people and I will remain sacred!


Image credit: Lukasz Szmigiel via Unsplash