Saint Mathew

Mathew was a despised tax collector. Righteous Jewish people looked down on him and his associates.


He was seen as a collaborator with the Romans and implicated with cheating.


Jesus saw the potential in Mathew where others did not. He invited him to be an apostle and Mathew accepted.


This acceptance changed his life.


Jesus did not call perfect people. He said clearly that he was like a doctor committed to healing.


Some of the ones he helped he called to Leave everything behind and to follow him.


He called them to be wounded healers.


Our baptism calls us to be wounded healers of each other. We all share in our different vocations in the mission of the apostles.


We are called to help in Christ’s healing mission. We are called to be partners with him so that humanity.


Will continue to evolve under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Our broken world needs healing.


When we stay connected with Jesus, we can more clearly reflect his light.


We can help preserve and develop the values of Jesus with his help.


Mathew reminds me of great hope!


We do not have to be victims of our past!