Saint Peter’s chair

Today is the feast of the Chair of Saint Peter goes back many centuries to the early church.


It is both a celebration and a reminder of apostolic authority in the church.


Jesus entrusted a special authority to the apostles of servant leadership.

They were entrusted to both preserve and continue expanding and understanding what these teachings mean under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


From among the apostles, a special role was given to Peter to keep the church united. He was given a special Pastoral and leadership role by Jesus.


The role of the apostles was passed on to the bishops of the church. From among the bishops, the role of Peter has also been passed on to the pope.


We are also reminded in the church that all of the baptised share in the mission of the church entrusted to them by Christ.


The present synod on Synodality is reminding us of this important aspect of church life.


Again we are reminded of the importance of church unity.


In these days of fast communication with the aid of technology so much ‘fake news’ and the expression of personal opinions as ‘universal facts’ we need to be discerning people able to distinguish between ‘fiction and facts’.


So many attacks on the present incumbent of the chair of Peter remind me of the attacks on Jesus by the Pharisees.


From their position of super orthodoxy, they rejected God in the name of God. Sadly many good people have been confused by these unwarranted and erroneous attacks.


Historically (sadly) those who moved away from Peter normally ended up in schism.