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Today, Saturday, as in every Saturday, has in Catholic circles been traditionally a day when we remember Mary the Mother of Jesus.

What we celebrate is her vocation and her example.

Her vocation was to respond to God’s invitation agreeing to be part of the Incarnation of the ‘Word of God’, i.e. the second person of the Blessed Trinity.

In the Incarnation, God becomes human in the person of Jesus.  This is an amazing mystery, mind boggling indeed!

Mary freely agrees to be a partner with God in this event that has fulfilled God’s deep desire to be connected with us in an incredible bond of intimacy and love.

However, Mary also personifies our own story.

Unlike Jesus, who is truly God as well as being truly human, she is fully and only human.

However, she carries the Divine inside her and gives birth to the Divine One.

We also carry the Divine in us.  We are divinised through the free and generous act of God.

Our Baptism adopts us into the inner life of the Trinity.

We are the ‘mystical body of Christ’.  We are Christ bearers and the presence of Christ in the world.

Mary is faithful and remains faithful as she faces so many incredible challenges.

Jesus gives her to us as Mother while he is dying.

We call her Mother of the Church.

There have been many devotions connected to Mary in many cultures and traditions.

Each culture has expressions which belong to that culture which are meaningful in that culture, but not always so meaningful in other cultures.

However, all cultures can call Mary blessed because the Lord has done great things for her.

The Lord does great things for us, and Mary is a great helper and friend, as well as being a great example of faith.

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