Today we celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady

In the Assumption we celebrate that Mary, mother of Jesus, mother of the Church, is now in heaven body and soul as a full human person.

It is a celebration of great hope. We celebrate that because of Jesus we know that it is also our destiny to be together in the fulness of life. We will not be just some ‘spirit’ but because of our belief in the resurrection from the dead all of who we are will be transformed into a resurrected person like Jesus.

Mary’s Assumption is a sign for us that this is also our destiny, God’s plan and wish for us.

The Assumption is a reminder in the midst of the challenges of life that there is always hope.

Today we also celebrate in Australia the end of the war in the Pacific. It is 75 years since the end of the hostilities in the Pacific and hence the end of the war for Australia.

I was walking in the cemetery at Adelaide River last Monday. Many hundreds of military personnel are buried in the cemetery, and also many civilians.

So many, many young lives cut short by the evil of war!

It was a sombre reminder not to glorify war!

Of course, we are grateful for the supreme sacrifice that many took in our defence. We are grateful that the totalitarian regimes did not take over our country.

It is also a reminder for us all to work for peace between nations. We start by being promoters of peace in our own families and neighbourhoods.

On this Feast of the Assumption we also remember life ever lasting and the Communion of Saints!

We pray and hope that all who shed their blood for the love and protection of others, share in the life everlasting!

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