Today is the feast of the Queenship of Mary.

At Baptism, the newly Baptised is anointed with chrism and the words said ‘as Christ was anointed priest, prophet and King, may you share etc’

All the Baptised share in this ministry of Jesus.

We all share in his role as ‘king’.

In this day and age, the role of a monarch i.e. King or Queen, has changed dramatically. The traditional understanding is that a monarch is a leader, God’s representative, they are powerful people.

Jesus is King on the cross. He is God among us, he overcomes the devil, he overcomes sin, he brings freedom, protection and healing to us.

As he said his Kingship was not one of dominance with armies and power. He is a Leader who gives up his life for all.

Mary, mother of the Church, was given a special role by God of being the Mother of God’s son Jesus. She shared deeply in His mission while on earth. She was united with God in her life and by God’s grace was preserved from sin.

She is now in heaven where she continues to be a role model for us, a role model of faith in God, trust in God and obedience to God.

She is a friend and helper to us. Jesus gave her as a mother in faith to us. We call her mother of the Church.

She is Queen of fidelity, and love, sharing in Christ’s victory over sin and death.

We also are reminded in this feast that we share in the victory of Christ. Each one of us is the beloved son and daughter of God. We are unconditionally loved by God.

We do not have to be a slave of sin!

We do not have to be a slave of bad habits. Yes, we are weak and human but with God’s grace we can continue to make fresh starts.

We also have a great group of supporters encouraging us to keep moving forward, i.e. the Communion of Saints in Heaven.

Foremost among them is Mary Mother and Queen.

Because of Christ and his victory, we can hold our head high.

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