Last Tuesday I met with aboriginal Elders from Central Australia. We talked about working together, to organise ministry among young aboriginal people here in Central Australia.


These respected elderly people who love their aboriginal culture and tradition are also very committed Catholics. They are very knowledgeable of aboriginal culture and traditions. They also see themselves as deeply committed to living and teaching their catholic faith.


They are also very concerned that many young people are growing in a spiritual ‘vacuum’. They are deeply spiritual and are very aware of how vital spirituality is for wellbeing.


My own experience is that young people are innately spiritual and very open to spirituality.


Whenever I have sat with them I have found them very open.


St Augustine coined the phrase that ‘the human heart is by nature Christian.’


When presented in a meaningful way the Christian message resonates with the human heart. I find this to be very true of young people.


What young people and others often reject is a concoction or distortion of the Christian faith. I would also reject that myself since it is not authentic! They often have not had real opportunity to hear the authentic Catholic Christian Message.


We urgently need people of faith to be sharing faith in a meaningful way with others, especially our young people.


Good balanced, well informed youth ministry is very necessary in our times.


On the same day I was celebrant in a baptism ceremony.


We baptised 12 young people at Amoonguna. It was a great celebration of life and faith. It was done in the context of mass.


So many came afterward for prayer and blessings!


This is genuine faith that needs to be nurtured and supported.


Indeed what Jesus said ‘the harvest is huge, but the workers are few’ is so real!


All of us baptised and confirmed are called to share the good news.

To do so with great respect for all, and in a healthy and balanced way will, with the grace of God, bear fruit.

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