Life is for us a journey with a goal

Life is for us a journey with a goal

Today is the last day of the Church’s liturgical year.  Tomorrow we start Advent, the first day of the new liturgical year.

There are so many good things in this life.  The world is full of the grandeur and the mystery of God, as indeed is all of creation.

God delights to see His children loving life.  Being a Christian is to be fully human, fully alive.  It is good to enjoy the gift of life and to love life.

However, at this time we are also reminded that we are on a journey.

We do not stay in this life forever.  One day we will die.

We do not like to think of death.  That is understandable.

Death is about the unknown, we have not been there before.

Those of us who have lost loved ones also know the meaning of grief; it is not pleasant.

However, as Christians we know that death is not the end.  Jesus died and rose again and dies no more.

Life is for us a journey with a goal.

We live this time of life and become the person we are by the choices we make.

Jesus told us that where our treasure is there is also our heart.  He also told us to store treasure for ourselves in a place from which no-one can steal.  He was referring, of course, to what we call heaven.

So, it is helpful to think of death.  We do this not to be morbid.  It is about the big picture.  It is about having a sense of proportion.

This life is good, and God wants us to live it fully.  However, there is more.  Death is a bit like a birth where we are born to eternal life.

This month of November is a special time when we remember those who  have died.  We remember them with love and know that one day we will be reunited forever.

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