Fear is a powerful force.

In itself fear is not bad.  If we had no fear of danger we would not survive.

When in danger it sets off a mechanism that reacts quickly enabling us to get out of danger.

However, fear can also paralyse us, immobilise us!

In certain circumstances there is a good reason for this.  It can mercifully hasten death in certain unavoidable situations.

However, there is a dark side to fear.  It can block us from loving.  Fear can be the opposite of love.

So often we are fearful of what can happen.  We can let our imaginations run away from us.

  • A person has some pain and imagines all types of possible terrible and serious types of diseases.

  • A person is fearful of rejection and is afraid to express their love for someone.

  • A person is fearful of possible consequences and does not take reasonable risks.

  • A person can have an overactive conscience, an erroneous conscience, that is influenced by fear and scruples.  This can lead to a spiritual fear, fear of God, feeling trapped in rules and regulations.

  • Fear of trusting self, resulting from low self-image.

  • An unreasonable and suspicious fear of the intentions of other, etc.

Love drives away fear!

As we move into this new year we are reminded of God’s unconditional love.

Jesus scandalised the prim and proper legalists of His time because He spoke about the extravagant love of God.

Of course, He did not invite us to take this love for granted, or to abuse it!

However, He reached out to the excluded, the rejected, those who were struggling morally, sinners, the fearful, those entrapped in evil.

He set them free.

The love of God is with us always, He reminded us to live moment by moment, day by day.

Taking small steps every day, let us move from fear to love!

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