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Last Saturday night I had tea at my sister’s house in Adelaide.  She invited her three children and their children.

As well as enjoying a delicious meal, washed down by good wine, I certainly enjoyed this family atmosphere.

I was the oldest person there, and most of the time I enjoyed just sitting there soaking in the noisy, but happy environment.

The great nephews and nieces went out to play.  Their activities were interrupted by laughter, shouts of joy and fun, as well as the occasional squabble and even tears.  The ‘young’ adults around the table would need to rush out every now and again to restore peace and order.

Two of the men were watching the Grand Final on T.V. broadcast from Brisbane.  As I listened to the football spectators’ interactions in the room next door, I could not help but notice a great similarity to what was happening with the children outside!!  I smilingly commented as much to those around the table, and we all laughed.

The atmosphere was noisy, but I loved it.  I could not help but think how quickly this phase of life will pass.

It was not so long ago that these young adults around me were themselves playing out there, and I was a young adult myself with my siblings, and my parents were my age sitting around the table!

How important it is to treasure these moments.  They will pass by and never come again!

We need to intentionally be present.  How life can pass us by!

I could not help but think how God must delight in watching His children living their lives, especially when they are loving each other.

When the little children broke the ‘boundaries’ and pushed each other to a response of tears, I gently smiled as their parents restored the peace.

I felt nothing but love.

How much more does God love unconditionally.

How important it is to allow God’s love to drive away fear as we rest secure in His heart.  What an invitation to let go of what is not life-giving and to embrace LIFE-GIVING LOVE.

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