Earlier this week we celebrated the Feast of St. Jerome.  He was a translator of scripture.

We are encouraged to use the scripture for prayer.  This can be done in various ways.  I will share a few reflections of how this can be done.

A1: You can download the readings of the day, such as found in ‘Universalis’ and read them.  See if any sentence, idea, or phrase strikes a note inside you.  Reflect on what strikes you.

Tell God that you are listening and spend some quiet time in prayer; let the word or words sit in your heart.

A2: You can instead download the four scripture readings for next Sunday, i.e. 1st reading, Psalm, 2nd reading and Gospel.  Read one a day and see what resonates and repeat the above process.

B:  Select one of the Gospels and slowly read a small section, could even be one paragraph or two, and again repeat the process.

C:  Find a story in the Gospel using a process encouraged by St. Ignatius Loyola, imagine yourself present, witnessing the event.

Try to look as to what is happening within you, as you witness the event.  What do you see, what are your feelings?

Imagine Jesus then turning towards you, asking you what you would like Him to do for you.

What is your response?

Stay with the response in your heart if you are aware of it or wait for a response.

Take your time, go slowly.

Before you start reading the scripture, ask God for the grace to listen with your heart as well as with your ears.  It is helpful to read it so that you can hear it as well as see it, i.e. read aloud.

Praying the scriptures is not just reading them.

We remember that the scriptures are the Word of God.

They are a help to us to deepen our faith and to connect with God.

It is also good to have someone to talk with if there are some parts of the scripture that we cannot understand.

Of course, God speaks to us in our hearts.  However, we are not alone.  God has given us our Church family to help us in the understanding of the scriptures.  The scripture itself tells us to find good teachers and guides.

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