I will never forget you!

I will never forget you!

I woke up the other day feeling tired, thinking of the many things that had to be done and wondering how I am going to do it all.


Years ago, I heard about ‘bio rhythms’. I do not know much about what they are. It has something to do with the functioning of our body organism and how it all works together.


I am told that the Japanese developed some device of measuring these bio rhythms. They wanted their fast-moving train drivers to be measured every day before driving!


Whatever the full truth of all this I am sure that we all have some days when we feel more energetic then others for a variety of reasons.


I also observed a tendency that morning to be a bit ‘short tempered’, a bit rushed.


I went in to celebrate Mass in the chapel upstairs in the presbytery. This Mass is televised every day.


As I prepared to celebrate Mass the sunlight came in through the curtains.


The rays of light, the greenery outside, the sound of the birds caught my attention, and I could feel my mood lifting, I felt more peaceful, lighter.


As I read the first reading from Philippians chapter 3, it concluded with,

‘I believe nothing can happen that will outweigh the supreme advantage of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.’


The Gospel concluded with

‘In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing amongst the angels of God over one repentant sinner! (Luke 15.10)


Those two scripture quotes and then focussing on the words of the Consecration reminded me of what really matters.


No matter what mood we are in, what events happen, there are deep truths which remain always true.


There is a peace that comes deeper down from remembering how unconditionally loved we are by God in the core of our being.


Those words of Isaiah remind us that we are held in the palm of God.

‘Can a mother forget her baby? Even if she does, I will never forget you!’


So, this is not about pretending to be on ‘top of the world’ all the time, it is not about pretence, it is about deep truth.

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