Mary saw a need and did something about it.

The children of the poor were not being educated.  With the help of Fr. Julian Tenison-Woods, they founded a Catholic School in Penola, South Australia.

On 21 November, 1866, Mary, together with her blood sisters and some other women, began the foundation of a new religious Order, the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart.

Mary was wrongly excommunicated by the Bishop of Adelaide.  She suffered a lot of opposition, and later in life she also suffered a lot of ill-health.

Mary gave a powerful witness to Christian living.  Despite a lot of unfair treatment by church leaders, including the Bishop, she remained faithful to her commitment.  She would never let anyone speak ill of those who opposed her.

Mary gave a powerful witness to simple living.  She expected the members of her Congregation to also live simply.  She showed untiring energy opening new schools, convents, care of the aged, and much more.

Mary give us all a great example in searching for God’s call and will in our lives.

“To me, the will of God is a dear book which I never tire of reading, which always has some new charm for me.  Nothing is too little to be noticed there…..”.  (From a letter to Monsignor Kirby)

Again, from the same letter “…..for the love of my sweet Jesus is too strong, too beautiful, and the merits too great, for me not to cling to Him”.

Her relationship with God was the great motivation in doing what she did.  It kept her open to new possibilities.

I personally noticed the same drive in Mother Teresa of Kolkata, a year or so before she died.  After talking with her I left her presence amazed at the energy in this sick and little ‘old lady’.

  • What needs do I observe?

  • How open am I go God’s will in my life?

  • St. Mary MacKillop was not about getting the acknowledgement of others.

  • When faced with lack of appreciation from others, even within the Church, she stayed faithful in her mission.

  • How free am I to do God’s will, even when not appreciated?

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