Simon and Jude

Today is the feast of Saints Simon and Jude.

They are two of the twelve Apostles handpicked by Jesus to be leaders of the early Christian community.


Jesus spent time with them explaining in greater detail His teachings.

They often misunderstood Him and found it hard to get over their presuppositions about their ideas of what the Messiah should be and do.


Yet Jesus saw in them the potential that they did not see in themselves. He did not give up on them.


When the crunch came as Jesus faced His passion and death, they all let him down except for John who stood with Jesus’s mother at the cross.


Jesus came to them after the resurrection. He never gave up on them!


They began to undergo a transformation. He sends them to the ends of the earth to proclaim the Gospel to the whole of creation.

At Pentecost, they are transformed as the Holy Spirit comes upon them.


The Apostles are good for us. They were imperfect, misunderstood Him, let Him down as we do.


Jesus does not give up on us as He did not give up on them. He believes in us and calls us by name.


We are commissioned to also be witnesses to the resurrection, to proclaim hope and good news to all.


Jesus is with us to the end of time!





Image credit: Catholic News Agency