Simply loving

We grow into our ability to love.

We need to desire to be less judgmental to ourselves and others, less wanting to make an impression on others, less tied up in our heads, more authentic, more simple, more loving.


‘Blessed be the poor in spirit.‘


With the grace of God, we can become less complicated, more childlike.


We need to remind ourselves of this many times a day.


The prayer of ‘The Heart‘ is a good practice that can help us to be reminded of this.


Traditionally it is a simple repetition of the name of Jesus as a mantra. This is repeated silently under and with our breath. It reminds us to stay uncomplicated and to become more trusting of being loved and hence to love.


We need to be motivated by a desire to do God’s Will. We need to be convinced that God’s Will is not controlling. It is indeed liberating because God wants the best for us.


As we die to the controlling ego we find deeper peace. We accept ourselves and others more. We become less fault finding and more encouraging of self and others. We become more real, more authentic.


We are all on a journey of faith, hope and love.

The grace of God working in us keeps on doing in us more than we can dream or imagine.


So many of the saints remind us that this is possible.




Image credit: Duy Pham via Unsplash