Is anger bad?

Anger can be constructive, or it can be destructive.


Like everything else in our lives, it is about balance.


Anger can be converted to energy that enables us to pursue justice with love.


It is important for us to be in touch with our feelings and emotions.


Denying or suppressing them is unhealthy.


In everything, love…


The awareness of being loved enables us to love…


Uncontrolled anger can suppress our ability to love.


However, when it is proportionate and under the umbrella of love, anger can clear the air for healing and deeper love.


Today I heard of innocent people dying in both Gaza and Ukraine, and I felt both sadness and anger at this injustice.


I am reminded of how important it is for all of us to do what we can to promote justice with love for all. Anything else is an affront to our humanity!


Righteous anger is not about self-righteousness.


The more I have a sense of God’s unconditional love for me, the more I can redirect my anger to actions of love.


I know that both prayer and fraternal support help me to keep this balance.


In everything, love…