Skin deep Beauty

There is a certain obsession with ‘eternal youth’ in our Western culture.


Balanced and healthy self-care is of course important. We are temples of the Holy Spirit. We have the responsibility of taking ‘holistic’ self-care.


Beauty is much more than skin deep. Huge sums of money are spent on delaying the inevitable passage of time.


Again I repeat this is not about abandoning balanced and healthy self-care!


Lent reminds us to not get obsessed with material and surface things.


Just as we do not live by ‘bread alone’ we are called to be guided in all things by every word that comes from the mouth of God.


The year before she died, I had the privilege of meeting and spending time with Mother Teresa.


She was now a wrinkled and sick old woman.


However, she emitted so much goodness and beauty!


The bloodied and wrecked body of Jesus on the cross was a sight of horror and ugliness on one side.


Yet it was also the body of the Saviour of all!


In all things balance and reflection even as we react… is the door to surprise and immersion into mystery…