Sound decisions

I have been reflecting recently on how much we can influence each other for good or for bad.


Many people’s lives are so full that they do not have enough time to reflect properly.


We are so nominated with so many opinions online.  Some of these opinions are very well reflected upon and very balanced.


Others are not so well reflected and indeed based just on a personal viewpoint.


As a Christian when I am presented with so many opinions and so many ideas,  I like to have some guidance.


In our Catholic understanding, the teachings of the Church are indeed a very important guide.


It is not just what I think. Rather, I need to also ask, what are the teachers in the Church saying? What is the teaching authority of the Church saying?


We are heart and head, both are important.


Prayerful reflection + authoritative teachings are very important guides.


The history of the Church is full of casualties of those who went off on a limb on their own or with just a small group!


Lord teach me humility and a listening ear.




Image credit: via Unsplash