Today is the first day of Spring. In many parts of Australia, this heralds new life. The long cold nights of winter are beginning to get shorter and warmer.


Dormant trees begin to have swelling buds and blossom. Even in the tropics the native bees and the birds are beginning to become more active and the daylight is getting longer.


Observation of nature is a great teacher.

In the middle of winter in the south or in the middle of the ‘build up’ up north relief can seem a long way off.


I remember my first build-up in Darwin was a great challenge after moving up north from Adelaide. While I still have a preference for milder weather, I have learned to adapt and accept this time much better.


I remember the words often used :


Lord give me the courage to change what needs to be changed… to accept what I cannot change… and give me the wisdom to know the difference.


Since God is for us what can be against us?

There is always hope! Saying yes to what is grounds us.