St Alexander of Alexandria

Alexander saw a need to educate the people of his time with faith formation.


As bishop, he had to deal with Arius and the heresy that he espoused denying the Divinity of Christ.


Now as then and indeed at every age we need to be properly informed about our faith.


There are modern-day confusions and even heresies. These can call us away from the proper practice of our faith.


Many were seduced by Arius and his erroneous teachings. He became quite fashionable and popular.


As we deal with the questions regarding moral and ethical issues we need to be properly guided by our catholic faith and well-informed teachers.


Jesus spoke about the narrow road that leads to life as distinct from the wide one that leads to perdition i.e. being lost.


In this time of Lent, we are reminded to reflect on the choices that we have made and make. The easy option is not always the right or better option.


The path of truth and love has its challenges. Yet is the path that helps us to be true to ourselves and to all of our relationships.