St Andrew

The apostle Andrew was the brother of Simon Peter.

He was the one who introduced Simon (Peter) to Jesus. As Christians, we are all called to be living reminders of Jesus to others.


Jesus expressed His desire for all to be saved. In Jesus, God reaches out to all, desiring all to be fully alive.

The more we treat others as God treats us and the more we model our lives on the Gospel the more we can facilitate an encounter with Jesus for others.

People like Gandhi, although a Hindu himself, lamented what a better world we would have if Christians truly lived the teachings of Jesus.


The more we act out of love for others and let go of our ego, the more transparent we become as sacraments of Jesus.

We can resonate with the words of John the Baptist: ‘I must decrease so that he may increase’.

Like Andrew and John, we are called and commissioned to introduce others to Jesus.