St Cecilia

Cecilia was a Martyr of the early Church.

Very little is known about her.

She is known as the patron saint of music.


Music is one of the gifts that we associate with beauty. It is certainly an expression of the human spirit. There is music played by musical instruments which comes in so many forms and shapes from the vast array of so many cultures. There is music in nature, such as the sound of running water in a creek, or the waves of the sea. The wind playing with the leaves of trees. The sound of the human voice singing a lullaby to a child. Someone sings as they go around with their daily chores.


Then there is the beauty of so many other forms of art, such as painting, sculpturing architecture etc.


The amazing beauty and miracle of the human person.


When we do not connect with beauty something dies within us.


Stopping to smell the fragrance of nature, to look outside ourselves connecting us with the rhythm of life.

We need to refresh our spirit so as to connect with the amazing ageless beauty who is God.


When we are able to be contemplative in action we also allow ourselves to connect, to become more fully alive, more real, more balanced more our real selves.

As we share these insights and experiences with others we mutually enrich one another.