St Charles Borromeo

Charles lived at a time of great upheaval in history. It was the time of the Protestant reformation.

He was born to privilege, the son of a powerful noble family in northern Italy.


He was a very capable man and was recognised as such by the Pope at the time and by others.


He did not let his privileged background get in the way of living a simple Gospel life.

He became a great Catholic reformer:

He organised the training and formation of Priests.

He reformed monasteries and convents.

He helped restart the Council of Trent.

He looked after the care of sufferers of the plague at great personal risk.

He worked on the Catechism the Missal and the prayer of the Church.


He worked hard in rebuilding the Catholic Church in the area where he was responsible in the Diocese of Milan where he was Archbishop and the Catholic Swiss cantons and beyond.


He could have succumbed to the aristocratic and privileged life that he was born into.  However, he let the Gospel guide him.


He led a very simple life himself but used whatever would help in winning over people for Christ.


He adapted without losing himself. He had clarity about living the gospel.

Attempts were made on his life by those who resisted reform. This however did not dampen his commitment.


We need our own reforms in the light of the gospel today.


As for Charles, Jesus needs to be our model.





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