St Jerome

Today is the feast of St Jerome (340-420).
He was born in Dalmatia after Baptism he went to the Holy Land where he was ordained a Priest. He settled in Bethlehem where he helped found a monastery, a hospice and a school.
He is most noted for translating the bible into Latin which was the language most used in the world that he lived in.


For Christians, the Bible is the word of God. God inspired people to write.
However, the human author wrote in the cultural style that they belonged to.


We can say the Bible has two authors, the human and the Divine.


The bible is not a science or a history or geographic collection of books.
It is God’s Word teaching us profound and real truths, myths, teachings, poetry, wisdom writings, stories, apocalyptic literature and other forms of writings are all contained within the Bible.


It speaks of God’s history of salvation, how God is God and we as God’s creatures are unconditionally loved.


There are two main parts of the Scriptures.
The Old Testament i.e., before Christ.
The New Testament, i.e., after Christ is born.


The Bible was written over a span of hundreds of years mostly in Hebrew and Greek.
We are encouraged to read and pray the Scriptures.
The Scriptures themselves warn us to have good teachers to help us understand their true meaning.


Fundamentalist reading and interpretation distorts their true meanings.


Using the scriptures for prayer certainly deepens our Faith and keeps challenging us to grow in our Christian life.


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