St Luke

Today the Church celebrates the feast of St Luke.

One of the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles are attributed to St Luke.

St Paul mentions him as a physician.


Luke‘s Gospel has a special place for the poor and for women. Both feature prominently in his Gospel.


He is also a patron of the medical profession. There are many St Luke’s hospitals and Catholic medical guilds of St Luke’s around the world.


Jesus described himself as a physician.

There are many instances where Jesus heals body and souls of people.


Certainly, our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. As people created in the image of God, we are called to look after our bodies. Eating and drinking sensibly, exercising, dealing with stress properly, etc are part of healthy self-love.


There is also spiritual healing that we are constantly in need of. Forgiveness, ongoing conversion, openness to the will of God, etc are part of our ongoing story.


The wonderful discoveries of medicine are able to help people in so many good ways. However as with all other things that are truly human and good these discoveries need to be guided by true ethics and moral guidance.


The dignity and integrity of the human person are often being threatened.

Respect for all forms of human life is often challenged.  The easier way is not always the best or more integral way.

We of course must always be compassionate to those who feel trapped in very difficult situations.


People in the medical profession can often find themselves in situations where they are being asked to do procedures that are against their conscience.


We are called to help all, respect the dignity of the human person by our example and practice.

We also need to ensure that we protect the right of those in this noble profession to act according to their conscience.





Image credit: St Luke Hospital – Belize