St Margaret Mary Alacoque (1647-1690)

St Margaret Mary had mystical visions of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Jesus appeared to her many times and told her that he had chosen her to spread the message of his love for all.

Jesus both human and Divine connects us in the best possible way into the love of God.

Jesus suffered and died because of love.

We are deeply moved when we recognise that someone has gone out of their way to do something for us.


Jesus loves all, however, this is not just some vague collective love. It is deeply individual and particular as well as being universal.


Margaret Mary fostered reflection on the length to which Jesus went to give Himself for us. Prayerful reflection on His agony in the garden on the eve of His passion, as well as on His passion and death helps us to connect more personally with this amazing sacrifice of love,


We hear about God’s love often. It is possible to take this mystery for granted and remain on a certain intellectual acceptance of this instead of being immersed in it.


Love is much more than just an act of the will. Of course, it certainly is that, however, it involves the whole person.


Holy communion connects us in a sacramental way with Jesus. Adoration (always connected with Jesus as spiritual food for us), reflection on the Gospel, all help to remind us of this Devine Lover, our God.




Image credit: Catholic News Agency