St Monica

Today is the feast of St Monica, the mother of St Augustine.

She was born in Thagaste in North Africa to a Berber family.


She was a Christian and tried to share her faith with her children. One of these children was Augustine.

He had a brilliant intellect but drifted away from making a commitment to the Christian faith.

He had rather uncertain morals, taking on a mistress who bore him a son.

He tried Manichaeism, and explored Neoplatonism.

His spirit was restless as he searched in many things .


Monica prayed for him with all her heart.

Shortly before she died, she saw him baptised and committed to the Catholic Church.


Most of us have members of our families who we love dearly who do not live by our Christian principles.


As we love them and teach by example, we are channels of God’s love for them.

The more unconditional our love is, the more clearly we become this sacrament of love and hope for them.

Monica’s prayers for her son never stopped .

Praying for the ones we love is loving them.

Living out our Christian faith with them is loving them…