St Polycarp

Today is the feast of St Polycarp. He was a disciple of the apostles and an early church writer.


He is important for many reasons. He was martyred for his faith hence a credible witness.


We also have writings of his which have survived to this day.


These writings give us valuable insights into the early development of church belief and doctrine.


We are a church with fundamentals that have come down from Jesus and the apostles.


These fundamentals give us a basis for the development of doctrine under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


We are never a new church but a church forever renewed!

We are both old and new.


We need to avoid the traps both of fundamentalism as well as of liberalism.


True catholic doctrine is neither.


While doctrine is very important our faith is fundamentally about a living relationship with a living God. It is about the love of God as well as of Neighbour…


Polycarp was faithful to both…