St Teresa on the human soul

She writes:The human soul is the most beautiful of all creatures.I do not find anything comparable to the magnificent beauty of a soul and its marvelous capacity.Imagine that within us is an extremely rich palace (which is your soul)  built entirely of gold and precious stones…Imagine also that in this palace lives God who has also become your father and is seated on an extremely valuable throne which is your heart.We need to understand that within us lies something incomparably more precious than anything that we can see.We have a part to play in order for this palace to be so beautiful. The more we are committed to a life of virtue, the more beautiful and resplendent it becomes.In the heart of this castle, or palace, is the ‘royal chamber’ where very secret exchanges take place between God and the soul.We are created in the image of God.However, it is almost impossible for us to understand the sublime dignity and beauty of the soul because of our limited human understanding.The soul of a person living as a virtuous person is nothing less than a paradise where God finds his delight.


Image credit: Ahmad Odeh via Unsplash