Today is the last day of the liturgical year.

Tomorrow we start Advent.

Here in Australia, it is also the beginning of the end times of the school year, it is the time before the holidays.

Many of us feel tired and can see a time, not so far away when there is some rest insight.


I often say that it is not the work that ‘kills‘ us but stress.

Stress also has a place as a  safety valve, a warning that we are overdoing it!

It is also a warning that danger is close and encourages us to take flight.

However, it can also immobilise us and become detrimental to us.


When I was a boy we had no car. We either walked or took a bus.

We had no mobile phones. We had time to process stuff as went from one thing to another.

We were in touch with nature. You noticed and smelt the Jasmin climber over a wall.

You met people on the way as you walked and interacted. You were exposed to the elements.

Now we travel mostly in a car. We have mobile phones and earphones, radios, etc. in a car.


We need to look after our holistic needs more intentionally.

We need to distress physically, psychologically, and spiritually.


Exercise, careful eating, adequate sleep, and rest, all contribute to our physical needs.


Right thinking and reflection with proportionate responses contribute to our psychological needs.


Loving relationships are so healing…


Prayer, trust in God’s love and promises and openness to the Holy Spirit can help us so much.


Jesus tells us not to worry about tomorrow and to live one day at a time.


What often came quite naturally for generations before, we often have to more intentionally plan for in our times.


Things like the Spiritual Examine and other modes of reflection are also very good reminders.

An easy app to download is:


‘Reimagining the Examen‘

Based on the spiritual exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola.