The Holy Spirit descends on Jesus at His Baptism

The Holy Spirit descends on Jesus at His Baptism

You are my Son, the Beloved, My favour rests on You.

These were the words spoken by the Father to Jesus after His Baptism by John the Baptist.

The Baptism by which we are Baptised as the first Sacrament of Initiation into the Christian family adopts us into the inner life of God.

The Holy Spirit descends on Jesus at His Baptism.  That same Holy Spirit descends on us and lives in us.

God knows us as His son, or daughter, the Beloved on whom God’s favour rests.

When we see the great love of a parent towards their newborn child, we get a glimpse of how God sees us.

I say a glimpse because God’s love for us is greater than the love anyone else can ever have for us.

In Baptism we use water.  Water is necessary for life, there can be no life on this planet without water.

Water is used for cleansing, without clean water we become sick.

Baptism washes away what is not life-giving in our lives.  It washes away sin.   In the case of a baby or very young child it is the sin of humanity, the ‘original sin’.  Original sin is the result of humanity moving away from God and wanting to be God.  The consequences of this is disorder and evil.

In the case of an older child or adult, Baptism washes away all their own sins as well.

More importantly, Baptism gives us life.  We are charged with the life and energy of God within us!

Baptism immerses us into the inner life of God.  We become one in love with God who became one with us in Jesus.  We are empowered by the Holy Spirit.

It is wonderful life-sharing.

Baptism as well as being a great privilege, also has responsibilities, we are commissioned to proclaim Good News and to share in the great love mission of Jesus.

Go to the ends of the earth and proclaim the Good News to all of creation!

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