We come to the last Sunday of Advent.  The angel Gabriel invites Mary ‘The Virgin’ to be the Mother of the Son of God.

Elizabeth is having a child at an age normally considered to be ‘beyond childbearing’.

Both situations seem impossible!

We can be overwhelmed by the many challenges that we face,  that also can seem impossible.

This can be regarding personal challenges:

  • Family issues.

  • Relationship issues.

  • Financial challenges.

  • Health challenges, for us or loved ones.

  • Grief in its many forms, etc.

Or community issues:

  • Global warming.

  • Corona Virus.

  • World peace.

  • World poverty.

  • Injustices for so many people, etc.

Mary trusted God and His message and the ‘Word of God became flesh’!

In the psalm today, we pray, “For ever I will sing the goodness of the Lord”.

What can seem impossible for us is not necessarily impossible for God!

The tasks that can face us in life can seem overwhelming.  Sometimes we just cannot see how things can get resolved.

“A light has shone in darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it.”

The light of Christ gives us hope, always hope.

The death and resurrection of Jesus is the great sign of hope.

Jesus is our hope because of the message that He gives through His words and by His actions.

The barren woman bears fruit.  Though no human man is involved, Mary bears Jesus the Saviour of the world.

Blessed are the eyes that believe even when they cannot see.

This is indeed not blind faith.

It is faith based on a promise given by One who does not tell lies.

These are historical realities and memories carried by the family of the Church over two thousand years.

However, there is also the grace of the Holy Spirit speaking to each one of us today, and every day.

As we continue these last few days of Advent, take some quiet time every day.

As we do so, we give the Holy Spirit a chance to be heard

As we reach out to others in love, we meet God.

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