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Jesus calls him by the name Cephas. This was not his original name. It was Simon.

In the scripture, God changes Abraham’s name and Jacob’s name, designating a role for them.

Cephas means a ‘slab of rock’ in Hebrew, when translated into Greek it becomes Petros. Petrus in Latin, Peter in English.

In this scripture text, and in other places in the scriptures, Peter is obviously given a leadership role by Jesus.

Peter’s role of leadership has been understood by the Church to have passed on to the Bishop of Rome. Peter went to Rome; he was martyred in Rome and is buried in Rome.  In fact, his grave has been found.  It is under the high alter in St Peter’s Basilica.

The role of the Pope is to keep the Church united. Fidelity to the Pope has always been seen as a sign of being in unity i.e. communion with the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church being the universal Church with apostolic authority going all the way back to the Apostles.

The Apostles are asked by Jesus as to who they think that He is.

If someone asked you to tell them who you think that Jesus is, what would you say?

We can say approximately, when he was born, that Mary was his mother etc.

We can say that He is the Son of God; we can say what we have learnt about Him.

However, do you personally know Jesus?

Have you a personal relationship with Him?

Do you talk to Him, do you share what is in your heart with Him?

Do you spend time with Him?

Are you aware of His presence with you throughout your day?

Every relationship needs looking after.

Friendships cannot stay static. They either grow or get weaker.

What is your desire about this relationship?

Do you speak directly to Jesus about your desires?

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