LOVE is the foundation of who we are as Christians.

God has created us because God is love. 

As babies and children, we thrive, not only on good food and hygiene, but also on love.  Without love we do not flourish or grow properly.

Our Christian spirituality is based on love.  God finds us, God loves us first.  God’s love is unconditional.

Christian spirituality is not just about me, getting saved.  Certainly, it is the love of God that saves us from sin and all that goes with sin.

Christian spirituality also sends out to all people a message of hope.

All forms of Christian prayer should energise us and inspire us to love our neighbour.

Loving our neighbour is not just some vague idea.  It finds meaning, it is real when we become less self-centred and more engaged with others.

It is a profound respect for others.  I keep reminding myself as to whether I am respectful to the person I am with.  I actually ask myself the question, “Am I being respectful?”  I do catch myself out at times acting out of my own agenda and keep needing to focus on respect at this moment for this person.

When Jesus said “The commandments are for people and not people for the commandments” He meant that the greatest commandment is LOVE.

LOVE is not sentimentality.  Love is gutsy.  It is about commitment.  The one who truly loves does not just follow instincts and reactions.

LOVE is a decision to want good for the other.

In a very economy-driven and pleasure-seeking society we need to be careful that we do not let ourselves be unduly influenced by the ‘norms of this world’.

It is in God that we find our model of how to love.  It is in Jesus that we best experience God.  Jesus is our teacher in love.

He gave His life for the sake of the love of God, and for all of us.

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