A bus load of people were travelling through some of the most beautiful country on earth. 

Amazing mountain scenery, forests, waterfalls, many flowering plants and trees, beautiful colourful birds, lots of wildlife, you could see the ocean in the distance, a beautiful blue colour reflecting a cloudless sky.  In short, it was amazing!

However, the shutters on the windows in the bus were down, you could not see outside.  The people inside were all preoccupied wondering what everybody else was thinking about them, some were arguing as to who was best dressed or more important.  The rest just made small talk.

Sunday is about opening the shutters!  It is about us seeing all that God had made
and it is very good.  It is about seeing creation with the loving eyes of God.

  • It is about slowing down a bit, and doing less running about.

  • It is about taking time to reflect, to be, to rest.

  • It is about being there for each other in a respectful and attentive way.

Maybe on Sunday we feast on some things and fast or rest from others.

For us Christians, Sunday is about Resurrection.  Resurrection is about hope and trust.  We celebrate God’s faithfulness to us. Changing routine helps us to reflect, not to get into a rut or go around in circles.

Certainly Sunday is a day when we try to share time with family and friends, as much as it is possible to do so.  Spending time together, eating together (preferably without the TV on). 

Celebrating each other with gratitude.  Eating something special together always helps with celebration.

Taking time to fast from too much technology can also be very healthy and replenishing of our senses.  Too make time to look at the sky, the sea, the trees, the dappled light.  To smell leaves, flowers, sea spray, etc.

Listen to the birds colourful song, floating and dancing on the air current.

Time to spend some quality time with our Creator.  Reading a bit of scripture, some spiritual
writings, just being silently present to the presence of God.

Certainly, if possible, to connect with the wonderful tradition which has come down to us from the very early Church, to gather with brothers and sisters from our Church family, to open the scripture and break the bread, i.e. the Eucharist.

It is good to see all that God has made, and to see that it is good.

With gratitude in our hearts to replenish body and soul.

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