Today is the first Sunday of Advent. It is the first day of the church’s liturgical year.


Advent is four weeks of preparation for the feast of Christmas.


The mass vestments are purple. This is a sombre colour. It is a reflective colour.


We are reminded to stop and reflect on our relationships.

  1. How am I relating with God?

  • Do I pray?

  • Do I seek a personal relationship with God?

  • Is God part of my everyday life?

  • Do I take God for granted?


2.How do I treat myself?

  • Do I remember that I am the beloved son or daughter of God?

  • Do I look after myself?

  • Do I eat properly, drink properly?

  • Do I exercise?

  • Do I have an acceptance of who I am?

  • Can I name my gifts and talents?

  • Am I committed to being holy?

  • Do I remember that I am a temple of the Holy Spirit?


3.How do I treat others in my life.

  • How do I treat my spouse?

  • How do I treat the rest of my family?

  • Is there some relationships that need healing in my life?

  • Do I need to forgive someone?

  • Am I ready to receive forgiveness from others?

  • Do I reach out to those in need?


4.How do I treat Gods creation

  • Do I appreciate the beauty of the world around me with gratitude?

  • Am I careful not to pollute nature?

  • Am I careful not to be wasteful with the beautiful resources of life?


In todays gospel Jesus tells us to ‘Stay Awake!’


Am I prepared to live life fully by the choices I make as I travel towards Christmas in this four week journey

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