In today’s Gospel Jesus confronts the power of evil.

We experience evil in so many ways.  There are deliberate actions that some people do which are evil.  The massacre of innocent people, the sexual and physical abuse of people.  The domination by the powerful of those who cannot resist them, the exploitation of the poor by the powerful.

The control of the world’s resources by a proportionate few at the expense of the many.

We can go on naming the presence of evil in the world.

I find it hard to understand so much about the reality of evil.

A lot of the evil is caused by those who choose some good for themselves at the expense of others.

Some evil comes from the shadows in the character of some people who do not reflect on the consequences of their actions, or just don’t care, choosing the easy option.

We can feel helpless as we confront evil.

The way our world is being abused by different types of pollution; the consequent increase in world temperatures and the eradication of so many life forms; the indiscriminate clearing of the forests.  What can we do about this?

Jesus is God among us.  He reminds us that God is real.  We can trust this God to be with us.  The energy and love of God empowers us to use our voices to express our concerns.

As Christians we are called to face evil in all its forms.

In the Gospel there are many instances where Jesus faces the power of evil and overcomes it.

On the cross evil seems to triumph in killing Jesus.  In the resurrection we are reminded that God’s love is bigger than that evil.

When we remain united with Jesus we are reminded to have great hope.  Yes, by ourselves, evil can be overpowering.  However, we are strengthened by Jesus.

He empowers us to work with other people of good will to combat evil together.

Being a Christian is not about the easy option.  It is about the good options, the right options, the loving options.

As we give of ourselves, each in their respective ways, we find ourselves.

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